Drama in the Bosque


Shortly after starting on our Bosque walk we became involved in a mini wildlife rescue. At the Corrales Drain a lone fisherman was sitting with rod and reel hoping for a catch. Just as we asked him if he had caught anything, he replied "I jut did" and started reeling in. Much to his and our dismay, a large Red Slider Turtle struggled at the end of his line.

Tracie, one of our group, jumped to the rescue and with deft cautious movements freed the critter who rapidly swam to deeper waters.

The rest of our walk, though less dramatic, took us to small newly created wetlands, resulting from the Army Corps recently completed "re-plumbing" of the Oxbow. Lush growth of native plants is happening, one can see it, smell it and feel it. A hopeful restoration. 

Margaret and Peter Kelling