News from Bosquitos Outing May 21

Thank you Teresa Skiba for your and Valle del Oro's hospitality for the Bosquitos outing on Saturday. Although we had a small group, we had a wonderful outing. Some of what we were able to see in the Bosque included a spotted toehee, downee woodpecker nest with parent feeding babies, hairy woodpecker, stinkbug, a carp that was spawning - non native species yet very interesting, coyote skat, goji berries, and currant bushes. Some of us learned that we can eat baby tumbleweeds and they taste good - maybe a new way of getting rid of that invasive species. We learned about how mistletoe spreads and how cottonwood trees reproduce. We also appreciated the Environmental Justice festival where we listened to poems from Manuel Gonzalez, visited with Los Jardines Institute, the kids held snakes that the NM Herpetology Society brought, and there was a great short film called "Justice to Victory" by Nina Cooper about EJ issues in Mountain View neighborhood.

Sarita Streng