All the artists in Busking for the Bosque have shown a commitment to supporting the environment and other social causes. Here they are showing their support for the Bosque by donating select songs for you to download. You can show your support for them and the Bosque by clicking the "Busk for the Bosque" button (below). Your donation will be split between the artists and the BAT.

So enjoy some great local music, and feel free to drop a few bills in their collective hats in support of the arts and the Bosque.  



Artist Profile: Cali Shaw

New Mexico based folk-rock singer-songwriter Cali Shaw is a rising star in the southwest folk scene. Making use of Latin American string instruments Charango and Cuban Tres, with lyrics that are smart, personal and bitter sweet; Cali Shaw and his band make award winning music for an interesting twist on modern folk music.

Accompanied by many talent NM based musicians; Cali Shaw and band perform at concert venues and festivals throughout the Southwest.

Cali Shaw is currently working on songs for a follow up to his debut album Winter Bloom.



ARTIST PROFILE: sage and jared's happy gland band

SAJHGB describe themselves as “a band of unbridled glandulosity. It’s a band that will make you reconsider how grossed out you are about the endocrine system.” They want to make your glands happy, and they are pretty good at it. 

Harrington plays ukulele, Putnam plays bass (also for Le Chat Lunatique), both of them sing, sometimes extravagantly. Percussion, kazoo, whistling, and clarinet also make appearances.




Known for years as one of Albuquerque's best rock bands, Gabe Gambino, Matt Garcia, Joey Diaz, and Kody Audette, aka Throw the Temple, have been exploring a gentler side of late, with tremendous results.  Since performing an unplugged set at a local Veterans benefit to rave reviews, TTT has hit the studio to work on their acoustic sound and expect to have an their first album in this new style hit the internet shortly.



Sweet Spot is sweet country blues by some of New Mexico's most soulful music veterans:  

Wendy - lead vocals
Tony - lead guitar
Erin - rhythm guitar
Nicole - bass
Pax - drums

'Nuff said.


Busking for the Bosque is easy:  when you click the "Busk for the Bosque" button you'll be prompted first to choose your donation amount, and then you'll be asked which artist should receive your donation.  You can choose one artist or multiple artists.  

And of course, don't forget to join us for Bosque Bash 2: Return of the Living Bosque, Sunday December 7th @ Tortuga.


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