Despite promises by the City that there would be a public process regarding the City's plans for the Bosque, bulldozing began on Tuesday February 10th, 2015, without any public notification.  After a hard-fought pushback by the community we have managed to bring the City to the negotiating table, and there is some hope of a reasonable compromise.  But we don't have to tell you that we've been here before.  So we are asking for you to contact your local Councilor (contact info below) to encourage them to support a robust public process, to lead to a consensus driven plan for the Bosque that will improve access while supporting the natural ecosystem.

Here is contact information for your local City Councilor. 

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Additional action you can take


Contact the Mayor

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Contact the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy Distract (MRGCD)

John Kelly -

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Mike Hamman CEO -


Write a Letter to the Editor

Here is contact information for the Albuquerque Journal.  Keeping your comments to no more than 150-200 words is recommended:

We will post additional contacts in this section shortly.  



1.  The City never solicited and never took public comment on the trail design they are building.  The City had previously committed to a procedure whereby it would devise several options for the trail, put those options out for public comment, hold public meetings, select an option, and assess the expected environmental impacts of the option before acting.  It did not, however, feel obligated to actually do what it had promised to do.  With plenty of notice to the Albuquerque Journal so it could propagandize for it, but no advance notice to the public whatsoever, the City went out and did the damage before anyone could complain or try to stop it.  

2.  The City had been floating ideas for the trail in the past couple of months, but the design they are building was not one of the ideas that was floated.  The public thus had no notice that this design is what might be built, and the City did not even receive informal feedback on this design.

3.  The Open Space Division and the Bosque Action Team had a very productive exchange of views on what should be done in this area over the last two months and were very close to being in agreement on a plan for this area.  The City had done a very good job of involving the public and building trust over the past year.  The City may complain about the use of the term "bulldoze" with respect to the trail, but it is indisputable that they bulldozed the good will and trust that had recently been developed.  The consensus plan would have included a wider, multiuse trail that would have been great for bicycles, but would have been less developed and more natural in design. 

4.  The trail that was plowed by the City today includes a long section along the river bank.  The river bank is the most environmentally sensitive portion of the Bosque and is an area where the City should be reduce, not increase, impacts.


The City has tried to justify its actions with a variety of excuses.  These are:

1.  "The trail is for ADA access."  The Bosque Action Team supports ADA access. However, this is just an after-the-fact justification devised by the City.  This trial has never been identified or planned for ADA access in any planning documents.  As I understand it, this trail is not going to be an ADA compliant trial.  It will be level and perhaps more accessible to some for that reason, but it will not conform to ADA standards.

2.  "The City got feedback on the two Bosque walks last month."  The Bosque walks were a great opportunity to express concerns and exchange ideas, but they did not provide comments on the City's plans.  The City's plans were never disclosed before the City started construction, and the City did not get any comments on the trail they are building.  The City reneged on its promise to listen to the public before it selected a plan for the Bosque.